This story revolves around three friends. They encounter a situation where they get huge amount of money. Do they try to retain the money or do they try retaining their friendship?

Main Cast: Sownthar Prasanth, Kishore, Nagarjun, Bala pillai, Boopathi, Kavi,Surya, Ajith, Mani, Arun, Prasanth, Aravind
Editor: Sownthar Prasath
DOP: Rajesh Kumar
Music: Dinesh Rajendran
Written and Directed by: Alaghu Prasanth
Producers: Alaghu Prasanth, Sownthar Prasath
Production Company: Landmark Films
Co-Production Company: Focus Creation

Language: Tamil
Length: 24:10
Genre(s): Crime Drama Suspense
Classification: [PG] - Parental guidance may be required for certain scenes
Category: Short