Phas Gaya Pappu

Avinash quits his steady job over a short notice, as his close friend Satadru promises a better job opportunity in his new company. His plans, however, go for a toss when he realises that Satadru has started avoiding him and has no signs of helping him with the promised job. Avinash decides to take revenge as he thinks Satadru is responsible for his bad days. However, he has no clue about the impending twist!

Main Cast: Subhajit Nag, Ankita Jana, Shilpa Mondal, Deepankar Mukherjee
Editor: Mukesh Verma & Subhajit Nag
DOP: Mukesh Verma
Music: Deepankar Guha, Raktim Dey, Shamik Guha Roy
Written by: Deepankar Mukherjee
Produced and Directed by: Subhajit Nag

Language: Hindi
Length: 28:41
Genre(s): Drama Mature
Classification: [18] - Unsuitable for viewers of age below 18 years
Category: Short