In a Dream

Kate, a young office worker and aspiring pet portrait painter is determined to find a mysterious man who keeps appearing in her dreams. Her friend does not share Kate's conviction that the Dream Man even exists and she begins to get concerned about her friend's state of mind. Kate sets out on a desperate quest to find the man based on clues she believes to be receiving from him. During her search, she goes through awful dates and mishaps but the surprise ending provides interesting revelations.

Main Cast: Megan Barker, Lauren Pence, Case Little
DOP: Vincent Patin
Music: Paul Doust
Editing, Written, Directed and Produced by: Edina Kishonthy
Production Company: Fulfillms

Language: English
Length: 16:48
Genre(s): Drama Romance
Classification: [PG] - Parental guidance may be required for certain scenes
Category: Short