Bhromor Koio Giya

Radha Raman Dutta's most popular song Bhromor Koio Giya was copied from Romanian singer Liviu for which it is called 'Vorbesc Cu tine Nu Ma Auzi'. Many popular Bengali songs of today were written originally by Radha Raman Dutta and his song are sung by modern musicians.This song is one of his famous song.

Singer: Abhishek Das
DOP: Sk. Ashif Iquebal
Concept Design by: Subhojit Ghosh & Sk. Ashif Iquebal
Director & Editor: Subhojit Ghosh

Language: Bengali
Length: 03:16
Genre(s): Music Video
Classification: [18] - Unsuitable for viewers of age below 18 years
Category: Music Video