Haunted Jail (Part 2)

This is a horror short film based on a picnic story. Some friends go to an old building for picnic located in the Khetri city of Rajasthan state, which proved to be a scary and haunted place.

Cast: Amit Jalandra, Pankaj Saini, Vikash Sain, Tushar Saini, Suresh Saini, Amarsingh Kumawat, Sanesh Jamalpuriya, Robin Singh
Written and directed by: Amit Jalandra & Pankaj Saini
Studio: Amit Video Production
Video editor: Pankaj Saini & Amit Jalandr

Language: Hindi
Length: 13:34
Genre(s): Horror Suspense Thriller
Classification: [PG] - Parental guidance may be required for certain scenes
Category: Short