Uyirai Thedi Oru Payanam

This is a story of a father and son and portraying the love, toil and care between them. It shows how the father struggles in life to take care of his son and when the son grows up, he realizes the pain and the overcomes the loss of his father, remembers his father's words and comes up in life.

Nowadays we see children abandoning their parents in old age homes. This film is dedicated to the children who are embracing the care, love and pain of a father.

Main Cast: Sonu Jose Joseph, Athul Jagannathan, Lijo Augustine, Jayadas Surya
Story: Shaheed Kallara
DOP: Shyam Kumar
Editor: Maju Anwar
Music: Sumesh Somasunder
Directed by Navas Salam
Produced by Jyothis Berly
Studio: Sanam Media Entertainments & Productions

Language: Tamil
Length: 24:35
Genre(s): Drama
Classification: [U] - Suitable for all ages
Category: Short