Women have lived in the shadows since ages. They are never given a choice of life. Under such circumstances, a 67 year old woman decides to break all the shackles and lives a life that she had longed for. How the society and her kith and kin react to this transformation, and how she stands for herself is the core of the story.

Main Cast: Lakshmi Chandrashekar, Ini Mahesh, Sandeep Joshi, Veena
Mathad, Yeshaswini Chennaiah, Vivek R Venkataraman, Venod
Ghorrpade, Veena, TLK Murthy
DOP: Girish Chandra
Written, Directed and Produced by: Vasudha Prahalad
Production Company: FlyHigh production

Language: Kannada
Length: 11:14
Genre(s): Drama
Classification: [U] - Suitable for all ages
Category: Short