Rise of the Avalanche

Rise of the Avalanche takes place in the very neo-noir future in the year 4225, where the criminal mastermind Avalanche Steele executes stage one of his evil plot to exact revenge and take back control over Envision City. Tension rises as Detective Sal starts to unravel the plot and confronts the well-known crime boss Clyde Simms about the truth.

Main Cast: Antoine M Dillard, Isaac Villarreal, Gavin Fullerton
Editor: Shawna Vineyard
Music: Cedric Ferrell & Jason 'Rezivor' Link
Written by: Kyle P. Peterson & Antoine M Dillard
DOP, Directed and Produced by: Antoine M Dillard
Production Company: Quantum VFX Ltd

Language: English
Length: 12:34
Genre(s): Crime Drama Mystery Sci-Fi
Classification: [U] - Suitable for all ages
Category: Short