Hum Do

"Hum Do" is a mockumentary film about a situation which can happen in a country due to overpopulation. The story revolves around a couple after a new law is made by the Government "Hum Do" that no one can give birth to a child and those who violate this law will be punished. What are the perspectives of common man on this law and what are the consequences?

Main Cast: Prashant Keni, Snehal Nanadvade, Tushar Shingade, Ronak Shinde
Editor: Sachin Kadam
DOP: Yatish Ambekar
Music: Mayur Hinge
Written and Directed by: Sachin Sanjay Kadam
Produced by: Nikita Prabhakar Ahire

Language: Marathi
Length: 1:22:14
Genre(s): Comedy Drama Experimental Romance
Classification: [U] - Suitable for all ages
Category: Feature