A man becomes a victim of rape on the day of Durga Puja. Later he meets a man who is a journalist. He falls in love with the guy and shares his past life. The journalist taken step, that he will expose the matter in front of the world. What happens next forms the main plot of the film.

Main Cast: Raikishori Krishnakoli, Dibyendu Khan, Suman Chatterjee, Akash Das, Amit Roy
Story: Raikishori Krishnakoli
Screenplay: Satyajit Das
DOP: Suvajit Chowdhury
Music: Megh Banerjee
Editing: ONS
Post-Production: Sujoy Das
Directed by: Satyajit Das & Raikishori Krishnakoli

Language: Bengali
Length: 19:59
Genre(s): Drama Mature
Classification: [PG] - Parental guidance may be required for certain scenes
Category: Short